Host your own back garden Olympics!

With the London Olympics not so far away, everyone is getting excited! Why not get the whole family involved and hold your very own mini Olympics in your garden? Whether there are three children or 30, this is fun for everyone and can be adapted to suit the ages and interests of your little angels!

How to host your own back garden Olympics!

by Louise-Anne Geddes, Mindful Mum, 6th July 2012

Choose your events

The real Olympics includes events such as football, boxing, gymnastics and swimming but your mini Olympics can incorporate anything you want it to!  Depending on how big an area you have to hold your event in, and the ages of the little ones, let your imagination run wild!  Some good ideas to get you started include:

  • Relay race – little ones working in teams to pass the baton.  This works best when there are 8 or more children to encourage some friendly competition between teams!
  • Obstacle courses – egg and spoon race, running while bouncing a ball, three legged races, these are all good places to start!
  • Football/basketball – both fun team games and can be adapted for tiny ones too!

Design an Olympic kit

Once you’ve chosen your events, designing your kit of choice is the next stage!  Whether you’ve chosen football, basketball or athletics, all you really need are basic plain white t-shirts (can often be found in the supermarkets for a few pounds), fabric paints or pens and a massive imagination!

Country flags

Before you have your event, why not give the little ones a culture lesson too by showing them all the flags of the countries competing?  All you need to make your own is some plain white paper and a good selection of coloured pens and crayons.

Medals and certificates

It’s fun to win, but everyone taking part should feel that they’ve achieved something!  A fantastic Olympic certificate for everyone who has participated is a great reward and a memory to treasure! For a fun and tasty medal (after all, elite athletes are allowed treats in moderation too!), why not buy a chocolate medal (these can be found in all supermarkets just now).  Of course, there should be a big fuss made of presenting medals and certificates to your proud little ones!

Food and drink

Why not round off your mini Olympics with some food and drink to with your medal ceremonies?  Fruit smoothies and fruit salad will go down a treat with your hungry athletes, or why not try one of our yummy recipes for Carrot, Tomato and Cheese Baby Muffins to give them a much needed energy boost?

Photography: Rajiv Patel @Flickr

+Louise-Anne Geddes

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