Make your own nature bracelets!

Feature writer, Kath, explains how to turn an afternoon in the park into a crafty adventure.

Nature bracelets

With a sunny afternoon and two small children to keep amused, we raided the tool box for a little crafty entertainment. All we needed was some gaffer tape and somewhere to get out into nature. This would be a great way of turning a walk in the countryside into a nature walk or just to liven up an afternoon in the garden or the park.

Simply wrap a strip of the gaffer tape around your child’s wrist sticky side out and attach it to itself. Make sure you leave it loose enough to either slide it off the wrist or to fit scissors in to cut it off.

Then see what the kids can find to stick to it. We raided Granny’s garden for flowers (we asked her first – don’t pick flowers in the park unless you fancy being chased by the park keeper), but you could use autumn leaves, grass seed heads, feathers or weeds like daisies or dandelions (please don’t pick wildflowers). Smaller things work best, but single petals from bigger flowers could be used. The gaffer tape is sticky enough to even hold slightly heavier objects such as small shells.

For my children (aged four and two) this activity lasted just the right amount of time; the gaffer tape being filled up just as they got bored with hunting for things to put on it. For older children you could extend the game by making theme bracelets, or creating a treasure hunt competition where they have to come back with as many of a list of objects as they can find.

Happy Hunting!

Nature bracelets

+Kath B

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