Make your own Olympic tin can toss

Feature writer Kaye shares her, easy to make, Olympic tin can toss game with us! Perfect for getting the kids involved in the Olympics.

Make your own Olympic tin can toss

As everybody knows, this is the year we see the Olympics come to Britain. Sadly not everyone is able to attend this once in a lifetime event (probably) – including ourselves! Although we are not going, I still wanted the kids to know that this is an important year and to get them involved.

I haven’t actually seen any themed games around, although that’s not to say there aren’t any, I just couldn’t find them. So I set about making my own simple game for the kids.

We all know that the British weather is unpredictable, even in the Summer as we’ve found out! This game is good for all weather – sun, rain or snow.

All you need is:

  • 5 empty, clean tin cans.
  • White paint and a paint brush (optional, although this does make them look nicer!).
  • Coloured paper (One A4 sheet of red, yellow, black, blue and green).
  • Sticky tape.
  • Something to throw at the tins.

Step One

Make your own Olympic tin can toss

Paint your tin can inside and out with your white paint, including the base of the tin. I used gloss paint as that’s what I had in the cupboard. If you choose to use gloss make sure you have the appropriate cleaning solutions to clean up your brushes and hands.


Step Two

Make your own Olympic tin can toss

Once the paint has dried (leave overnight and outside if you can), cut your paper into long strips. They need to be as wide as your tin is tall.

Step Three

Make your own Olympic tin can toss

Once you’ve cut out your paper strips, you need to wrap them one by one around your tin cans and secure them with sticky tape.

Step Four

Once you’ve wrapped them all up in your Olympic coloured paper, line them up on a table with the blue, black and red ones at the bottom and the green and yellow ones on the top like a pyramid.

Step Five

Tell your children to take their best shot with the ‘throwy’ object you decided on – we used a toy egg!

If it happens to be a wet day and you don’t fancy having things thrown around your house then why not put them on the floor and do ‘five pin’ bowling? Of course this would require an actual ball to roll at them, I don’t think our plastic egg would cut it!

+Kaye Dooler

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