Make your own weather plates

Feature writer Kath tells us how to make these great weather plates. A brilliant craft activity to do with the kids!

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With all the lovely sunshine we’ve been having this summer (‘when’ say entire readership of Mindful Mum) my thoughts have turned have turned to the weather. What can I do to entertain my kids whilst we are stuck inside out of the rain? So I’ve come up with these “weather plates” to make with them.

You will need:

  • 2 paper plates
  • a piece of paper larger than the plate pens
  • a scrapbooking brad (those pins that split into 2 at the back of the paper)

I’ve always got paper plates in the house for craft projects; they are so versatile. I recommend getting the cheapest ones possible, the ones that don’t have a shiny top side as they hold paint much better.

Step One

Firstly draw around the paper plate onto the paper and cut this out. This forms your template for marking out the plates.

Step Two

Make your own weather plates

Fold the template in half and then half again, this will mark the centre. Cut out one segment.

Step Three

Make your own weather plates


Taking the first plate, use the template to mark the centre, then draw along lines of cut-out segment about 1/2 cm away from the edge, so that the segment you have now drawn is slightly smaller than the one on your template. Cut this out.

Step Four

With the cut-out segment at the top right of your plate draw a picture with the sky at the top. Doing this with my young son, I drew the picture for him so he could colour it in. My daughter was able to draw her own scene.

Step Five

On the second plate draw along the template cut-out, this time right next to the lines, to divide the plate into 4 equal sections.

Step Six

Make your own weather plates

In each of these segments draw a different weather scene, but remember to always draw in the top right segment, then rotate the plate to bring another segment to the top right before drawing in it. That way you won’t have rain going sideways or an upside down rainbow!

Step Seven

To finish put the two plates together and join through the centre with a scrapbooking brad.

This idea could be adapted to work with seasons too. Simply draw a tree trunk under the cutout section and the different seasonal views of branches on the rear plate.

Just remember, if you leave it set to whatever weather we are having at the moment, be prepared never to see the sun picture!

+Kath B

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