Playday for kids

Today is Playday! Have a look at how to celebrate with your little ones.

Playday for kids

What is playday?

Playday is a national day for play. Celebrated on the first Wednesday of August, it is a day for families to get out and enjoy some play time together. With plenty of community events to choose from around the country, Playday is great fun for the whole family.

Along with celebrating a child’s right to play, Playday also highlights the importance of play in every child’s life. It aims to show decision-makers that cutting play will have devastating effects on children, families and whole communities.

How can you celebrate?

There are plenty of outdoor play events you can attend with your child ranging from woodland adventures to street parties and beach games. If you’re looking for an event in your area, have a look at the Playday website to see what’s going on.

Playday at home

If ¬†you can’t make it to any of the events happening around the country, why not host your own? You can have a party in the park, go on a nature walk or just get arty in the kitchen!

If you’re looking to celebrate Playday with your little ones at home, why not try this brilliant homemade Olympic tin can toss game!

Photography: Erik Hersman @Flickr

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