Be the office legend, thanks to JUST EAT’s tasty competition


It’s a dilemma faced by every employee who’s unlucky (or foolish enough), to be friends with a colleague whose birthday falls during the working week – the responsibility of organising the birthday meal for not just the birthday man or women but for their entire department. As much as anyone in that position would want to prepare some fabulous food all by themselves, having to perform your office duties as well makes this becomes impossible.

Of course ordering-in has crossed your mind! The idea of piping hot food arriving at the office door is bound to make your mouth water. Thankfully, JUST EAT is giving offices all over the UK this tasty opportunity. With their Lunch Legend competition, you can win £250 worth of takeaway vouchers for you and your colleagues to share.

Entering couldn’t be easier – just go to the JUST EAT Lunch Legend page and fill in the simple form. The competition will be live from 12 midday today and will be active until 12 midday on 25 March 2015!


 JUST EAT is the world’s most popular online takeaway ordering service, offering users the opportunity to order-in from a variety of local restaurants, covering every cuisine imaginable. Do your marketing department enjoy an eastern flavour? Relax, JUST EAT has restaurants offering delicacies from Chinese to jerk chicken. Wait, your accountant’s a bit of a traditionalist? Don’t worry – from battered fish to plain old pizza, JUST EAT has everyone covered.

Just imagine what a Lunch Legend you will be when the intercom buzzes and hungry eyes see the stacked boxers, coming through the lift doors. Plus, once everyone’s been fed, you can just chuck the boxes away rather than having to tackle the dishwasher, getting you another round of mini fist pumps.

So, if you have an office birthday extravaganza to prepare, put down the cookbook and clear out of the office kitchen. Instead, pour yourself a cuppa and pop over to the JUST EAT website. As easy and satisfying as dunking the last biscuit in the pack.

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