Looking To Impress: 5 Kids Party Ideas

Every kid loves a birthday party, but when the third birthday party of the month turns out to be another Frozen themed party, even little ones can grow tired of them. As always, it’s up to the parents to come up with new ways of keeping the kids entertained for a couple of hours, and ensure their son or daughter has a birthday party to remember. Here are five great kids party ideas to consider…


1. Fancy Dress Film Party

Got a Star Wars fan, or a Minions-crazed kid? They’ll be ecstatic with their very own fancy dress film party. Simply pick up some film themed outfits from Lamaloli or get crafty and make your own to help keep costs down.

You can even have fun yourselves by hiring adult-size costumes to host the party in, or to use as a VIP visit from one of the film’s main characters. A party like this can be as budget friendly or extravagant as you like – hire in professionals or do it yourself, and if you’re timing it well you should easily be able to find fun film merchandise to fill up party bags.

2. Get Messy Party

If you don’t want to spend £135 (the average price of a kid’s birthday party) a ‘Get Messy Party’ can be a super-cheap idea for a birthday bash. You’ll need enough rolls of cheap lining paper to cover your floor, and as far up your walls as you’re happy to go – and make sure they’re all firmly in place with no gaps.

Then it’s a matter of supplying paints, glitter, brushes, sponges, rollers, and whatever arts and crafts you can lay your hands on. The kids will run wild but you’ll be able to roll it all up afterwards and dunk it straight in the recycling bin. This is a super-easy and cheap party idea that kids will love (and definitely remember) but – be warned – this is definitely not the sort of party to host if you get angsty about mess!

3. Tent Party

Kids love the idea of camping in the great outdoors but the reality can be a small nightmare (especially with little kids), so set up an indoor camp for their birthday. Borrow or buy a few pop up tents, make a pretend campfire (sticks, foil, and tissue paper should do the trick), cut out stars for the ceiling and walls, dim the lights, and grab that guitar for some campfire tunes.

4. Old Fashioned Party

Got a tween-age girl who is all excited about a very special party? Host an old fashioned-style birthday party and her guests will love it as much as she will! We’re talking a proper sit-down tea with you as waiter/waitress serving up delicious party-friendly food like finger sandwiches, jelly and ice cream, and birthday cake.

5. Pirate Party

This party is great for young pirates and is ideal if your son or daughter has a summer birthday. Hunt down an old chest (a toy chest, or old cupboard could work), or make one, fill it with sand and bury loads of tiny toy treasures all wrapped up for them to discover. Set up a treasure hunt with clues all around the house leading to the ‘X’ that marks the spot. You could even sort out a ‘walk the plank’ game for any naughty pirates!

Whatever party theme you hit on, and however much you plan on spending, the main thing is that it’s fun – and your birthday boy or girl and their friends have a blast celebrating the special day. And whatever you do, it’s probably best not to bill any kids who don’t show up – like the mum who billed a kid £15.95 who didn’t show up to her child’s party!

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