Vitamin C for pregnancy

Healthy Pregnancy Diet and Vitamin C

Why do I need vitamin C?
How much vitamin C do I need?
Do I need to take a supplement?
What are the best food sources of vitamin C?

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Why do I need vitamin C?

Vitamin C helps you and your baby to:

  • repair tissue
  • heal bones and wounds
  • maintain health skin
  • fight infection
  • helps your body absorb iron

On top of the above benefits, Vitamin C helps your baby grow by:

  • building strong bones and teeth
  • acting as an agent to hold new cells together
  • supporting various metabolic processes

How much Vitamin C do I need?

According to the UK Food Standards agency an adult only needs 40 mg of vitamin C a day. You can increase this t0 50 mg of vitamin C daily during pregnancy and 70 mg during breast feeding. Try to include a vitamin C-rich food with every meal to get the most iron out of the other foods you eat.

Do I need to take a supplement?

It’s best to get your daily requirement of vitamin C through your food. You probably don’t need supplements and you should avoid taking too much vitamin C to avoid wind and diarrhea.

What are the best food sources of vitamin C?

If you can, its best to get vitamin C from fresh sources such as the fruit and vegetables listed in the table below. Many mums to be and mums feeding their toddlers prefer to buy organic. To avoid pesticides see what to buy organic and what you don’t need to buy organic. Aim for three servings of fruit, vegetables or fruit juice from the list below each day.

Sources of Vitamin C For Healthy Pregnancy

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