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Parents with one child often think that caring for twins is the same, only doubled. If you’ve got twins (or triplets or more), you’ll know it’s not.

Preparing for more than one baby. Photograph: Dan Block

Preparing for more than one baby. Photograph: Dan Block

Caring for twins, triplets or more is very different from caring for two babies or children of different ages. There’s a lot more work and you may need to find some different ways of doing things.

Help and support for twins

You’ll need as much support as you can get. If you’ve got more than two babies, your local council may be able to provide a home help. A few hours’ help with housework each week can make a big difference. The charity Home Start also provides help for families. Your health visitor will know what’s available locally and can help put you in touch with local services.

You may find it useful to talk to other parents who have more than one baby. The Twins and Multiple Births Association (TAMBA) provides information about local Twins Clubs, where you can meet other parents who are in the same situation and get practical support and advice.

TAMBA’s helpline (Twinline, 0800 138 0509) is run by mothers with multiple babies. The Multiple Births Foundation provides professional advice and support. Call 020 8383 3519 or visit the website. Parents Centre is also a valuable source of information and support for parents with more than one baby.

Postnatal depression

If you have twins, triplets or more, you’re more likely to experience postnatal and longer-term depression. This is mainly because of the additional stress of caring for more than one baby.

Feeling isolated can contribute to these feelings. Getting information and advice before the babies are born about how to feed and care for them can be a great help in preparingĀ to cope and canĀ give you more confidence.

If you’re feeling depressed, speak to your GP or health visitor.


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Published Date 2010-12-15
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