Bloating in pregnancy

Pregnancy can bring a whole host of unpleasant symptoms but after holding your child in your arms, all of these are quickly forgotten. Bloating is another symptom of pregnancy.

Find out what causes bloating during pregnancy.

What is bloating in pregnancy?

Bloating is a build up of liquid and wind in your digestive tract which causes discomfort and swelling. Even before you start to show, you might find yourself having to unbutton your jeans for comfort. During pregnancy, your digestion slows down because pregnancy hormone, progesterone, relaxes the muscles involved.

As pregnancy progresses, baby pushing on your stomach can worsen bloating and discomfort.

Symptoms of bloating

Bloating can come with a few symptoms most women will experience throughout their pregnancy. They include:

  • Excess wind
  • Discomfort
  • Worsening symptoms after big meals

When to seek medical attention

Contact your GP if the mild discomfort turns into severe pain or discomfort, especially if it is felt off to one side. It could be mixture of harmless things but your doctor may wish to check for pre eclampsia if you feel severe pain or cramps.

For more information on pregnancy symptoms see early pregnancy symptoms. If you are at all concerned do not hesitate to call your GP or doctor for medical advice.

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