Breast tenderness in pregnancy

This is a common symptom of pregnancy and one of the first you may notice. Read more about the causes and symptoms of breast tenderness in pregnancy.

Breast tenderness in pregnancy

What is breast tenderness?

Sore, tender and tingling breasts is one of the earliest signs of pregnancy and can be felt just three or four weeks into your pregnancy. The soreness can range and some women will hate having their breasts touched or having anything against them at this time. This is likely to ease up in the second trimester though may not disappear completely and tenderness may be felt from time to time or throughout your whole pregnancy.

What causes it?

Breast tenderness during pregnancy is very similar to breast tenderness felt just before your period. A surge in hormones Oestrogen and progesterone are to blame along with your growing breasts. Your body is gearing up for feeding your baby and the tenderness can be the thickening of the layer of fat to allow milk glands and extra blood to be carried.

During pregnancy, some women can go up one or two whole cup sizes before baby is born.

When to seek medical attention

Although breast tenderness is an extremely common symptom of pregnancy and may have been felt during periods in the past, if you are at all worried about seek advice from your GP or midwife. They may be able to advice some simple home remedies.

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