Frequent urination in pregnancy

Almost immediately after finding out you’re pregnant, you might find yourself nipping to the toilet more often than usual.

Needing to pee more frequently is an early sign of pregnancy and can be a particularly annoying one.

What causes frequent urination in pregnancy?

Pregnancy brings a host of unwanted symptoms. One you’ll find very early on is an increase in urination. You might find yourself having to dash to the toilet regularly, even if you’ve already been 10 minutes ago.

This is because your pregnancy hormones increase the speed at which blood flows through your kidneys, making your bladder fill more often. Because pregnancy increases your blood levels by 50%, the blood flowing through your kidneys increases even further making you need to urinate frequently.

Lying down at night allows water retained in your legs and feet to re-enter the blood stream and leave you waking up more often through the night.

How long will it last?

Some women may feel a slight relief of this symptom during their second trimester but with little research to support this, it may just be hope! As your baby bump grows, the extra pressure on your bladder and lead to further urination. This may be a symptom you need to learn to adjust to throughout your nine months of pregnancy.

When to seek medical attention

Avoiding drinks with a diuretic effect can lessen your need to urinate. These drinks include, tea and coffee. Don’t avoid liquid in order to cut down your trips to the toilet, hydration is important to a healthy pregnancy. If you are worried about your hydration levels or urination, seek advice from your midwife or doctor.

For more information on pregnancy symptoms see early signs of pregnancy. If you are at all concerned do not hesitate to call your GP or doctor for medical advice.

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