Metallic taste in pregnancy

This symptom is a slightly unusual but quite common complaint of pregnancy. The metallic or sour taste in the mouth is down to your influx in hormones. Read more below.

Metallic taste in pregnancy

What is it?

Pregnancy can bring on a strange taste in the mouth even when not eating. Often described as a metallic or sour taste, most women who suffer from this will agree that no mint is strong enough to banish the taste. Also known as Dysgeusia, this change in taste is unpleasant and can sometimes worsen the effects of morning sickness.

What causes it?

Like almost all pregnancy symptoms, this metallic taste is the result of hormones. As you move into your second trimester, your hormones will begin to settle down a bit and you should see a reduction, or if you’re lucky, a complete stop to the taste.

When to seek medical attention

This strange symptom is harmless to you and your baby and most doctors will only advise some home remedies such as brushing your tongue when brushing your teeth or focusing on acidic food such as citric juices.

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