Morning sickness

Morning sickness is one of the most common early signs of pregnancy. It can affect pregnancy in different ways, from mild nausea to months of vomiting.

Morning Sickness Pregnancy

Find out about morning sickness below or go straight to our article on how to ease morning sickness.

What is morning sickness?

Sickness in the morning is a common early symptom of pregnancy. During pregnancy, 80% of women will feel nauseous with up to half of all pregnant women vomiting or retching in the morning.

The symptom varies in strength from woman to woman. For some, nausea will be felt when waking up or certain smells might trigger a feeling of sickness but for others, they may suffer weeks or even months of morning sickness.

What causes morning sickness?

It is thought that pregnancy sickness happens because of the increase in hormone activity. Certain smells or foods may trigger a bout of morning sickness.

Women may be more likely to suffer from morning sickness if:

  • they are carrying twins or triplets may be more at risk of morning sickness as they have an increased level of hormones in their body.
  • they usually suffer from travel sickness as this could be a problem with inner ear and balance.
  • If they are hungry or tired.

How long will it last?

Morning sickness usually starts around week six and improves around week 14-16 though this will widely vary from woman to woman.

You should contact your doctor if your sickness is affecting your overall health or day to day life. If you are struggling to keep most food and drink down, seek advice from your doctor or midwife.

For more information on the treatment of morning sickness see how to ease morning sickness. If you are at all concerned do not hesitate to call your GP or doctor for medical advice.

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