Positive mental attitude

How much does your state of mind matter when trying to conceive? Fertility and Family Building Coach, Lisa Marsh, looks at the benefits of a positive mental attitude when you are trying for a baby.

Positive mental attitude and conceiving

You may wonder what difference your attitude makes to your chances of conceiving. After all, it’s your reproductive system that needs to be functioning properly for conception.

Could it possibly matter whether you are smiling or frowning, walking with a lightness in your step or carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders?  Do you have a greater chance of becoming pregnant if you believe that it will happen? Are the odds against you if you have given up in your heart?

This is a controversial idea because it’s hard to measure positivity, and thus, its effect. Many women have faith that they will become pregnant, but are repeatedly disappointed.  Some lose hope and conceive anyway. In between, there are as many combinations of mental attitude and physical health as there are women trying to become mothers. So, what’s the truth?

Benefits of a positive mental attitude

  • Having a goal is a positive place to be.  It requires belief that the goal is achievable. You can maximize the effect by visualizing yourself pregnant and allowing yourself to anticipate how wonderful that feels.
  • Positivity ensures commitment and gives you staying power through the sometimes lengthy process of trying to conceive.
  • Your brain directs traffic for your body. A positive and relaxed frame of mind, combined with intention, can influence the signals sent from your brain to your ovaries.
  • A positive frame of mind will energize you, helping to keep your work-life balance on track.
  • Positivity supports the resilience that will help you deal with disappointments.
  • A positive demeanor will attract people you need to support you in your efforts to conceive.

Tips for staying positive when trying for a baby

How to achieve a positive attitude during difficult times –

  • Be mindful of anything positive that happens during each day and note it in a journal
  • Spend your time with positive people and let their attitude energize you
  • Exercise to the point where you produce endorphins; the “feel-good” hormones
  • Eat slow-release carbs throughout the day rather than more sugary treats that produce big highs and lows
Concieving and a positive mental attitude

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