Tiredness in pregnancy

Fatigue in the first trimester is a very common pregnancy symptom but may be difficult to explain if you haven’t told people you are pregnant.

Tiredness in pregnancy

Tiredness during pregnancy can leave you feeling drained and even teary. Read more about the causes of tiredness and how long it will last.

What is tiredness in pregnancy?

We’ve all experienced tiredness in our day to day lives and pregnancy is no different. Trying to get the recommended eight hours can be difficult when you have the excitement of a new arrival, a growing, kicking baby bump and the stress of getting ready to contend with. A lack of sleep can have an impact on the demands of pregnancy.

What causes tiredness?

Tiredness in pregnancy is caused by the strain your baby puts on your body. You’ll find yourself struggling to stay up later than 9pm when you fall pregnant. Your body is working overtime to create the essential support system your baby needs such as the placenta. Low blood sugar levels and a lack of sleep will also contribute to fatigue and tiredness.

How long will it last?

During your first trimester, your body is working hard to create the optimum living space for your little one. As you adjust to your new body, you’ll notice you’re more tired than ever before. The good news is, you’ll find yourself bursting with energy in the 2nd trimester and although energy dipping towards the end of your pregnancy, your burst of energy will return when you are just about to give birth. This is called nesting.

For help and tips on how to cope with tiredness during pregnancy go to tiredness in pregnancy help.

For more information on pregnancy symptoms in the 1st trimester see early signs of pregnancy . If you are at all concerned do not hesitate to call your GP or doctor for medical advice.

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