Benefits of Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

Often described as psychological acupuncture, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is a therapy that involves tapping on meridian pressure points, whilst focusing on an emotional or
physical problem.

Benefits of EFT during pregnancy and childbirth

There are benefits of using Emotional Freedom Technique when pregnant and after child birth, read about them below.

Definition of EFT

Emotional Freedom Technique was developed by Gary Craig around 1995 based on work done by Roger Callaghan on Thought Field Therapy, and is one of the many forms of Meridian Energy Techniques. Gary Craig refined, simplified and developed EFT making it easy to use and available to everyone. As a therapeutic technique it is hard to beat for its effectiveness and simplicity.

How does EFT work?

That is a good question and the answer is that no one knows exactly how it works, but the general consensus is that it:

  • Works on the 12 meridian channels and 2 governing vessels based on Acupuncture in Chinese medicine
  • Tapping on the meridian points whilst focusing on the problem, allows the physical or emotional problem to be released and cleared

Based on his findings Gary Craig suggests that:

“The cause of all negative emotions is a disruption in the body’s energy system.”

The theory behind the technique is based on the premise that negative emotions and dis-ease are caused by a disruption in the body’s energy system. Therefore, by tapping on the meridians, it provides a release of negative emotions and a return to homeostasis (balance of mind of body).

Tapping Techniques

With this technique the fingers gently tap on the end point of the meridians or energy points on the face and upper body. This helps to release blockages on both a mental and physical level, and balances the body’s energy system.

Emotional freedom techniques

Why should we use Emotional Freedom Technique during
pregnancy and childbirth?

Being pregnant may unleash a roller coaster of emotions as your hormones and body adjusts to your new role. Even if you are really pleased to be pregnant you may find that your emotions are all over the place and you may also experience the uncomfortable physical ailments associated with being pregnant. These include:

  • Nausea
  • Morning sickness
  • Fatigue
  • Mood swings
  • Fears and anxiety

As your pregnancy progresses you may also develop other physical ailments such as:

  • Aching joints and ligaments
  • Pelvic dysfunction pain
  • Backache
  • Swelling (oedema)
  • Heartburn
  • Constipation

EFT is an effective tool to use during your pregnancy to alleviate physical symptoms, balance emotions and release fears and negative feelings. With EFT you can tap your way to feeling better both physically and emotionally.

Using EFT to prepare for childbirth

Towards the latter part of your pregnancy in your third trimester, it is common to focus more on the labour and birthing of your baby. Any fears or concerns about giving birth may be released using EFT giving space for a positive birthing experience to replace the old fears and limiting thought patterns.

I believe that teaching all pregnant women how to use EFT on their fears and limiting beliefs can enhance their experience of childbirth, with less analgesia required, and with fewer medical interventions required. Using EFT to release fears, limiting beliefs and anxiety allows us to focus more on the positive aspects of giving birth and the transition to motherhood.

In my practice, more women are coming to see me now in their second pregnancy because their previous experience of childbirth didn’t fulfill their dream of having a gentle easy birth. Many have had a traumatic experience and cannot face another such experience. So many women are unable to enjoy this current pregnancy because of the fear and anxiety they still carry within them. This is where EFT can be so useful, helping these women to release these past traumatic experiences and move on quickly and easily by tapping on their specific problems.

What we can do to reduce fear, tension and pain

Sadly, with advances in technology comes more intervention in what should be a natural process of giving birth easily without fear and pain. There are several techniques, which may alleviate fear, tension and pain and these include; self-hypnosis, visualizations, affirmations, breathing and optimal positions for baby and birthing found in Hypnobirthing. However, it is not well known that EFT may also help to relieve fear, promote physical and emotional wellbeing, and release past trauma still held within our minds and body. In my opinion the effects of using Hypnobirthing in conjunction with EFT provides a powerful toolbox to support your childbirth preparation.

Diagram: Thriving now

Photography: Kenna Takahashi @Flickr

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