Breastfeeding and the law

There is confusion about breastfeeding in public and the law. Whilst many mothers feel they are protected by the law, there are still incidences of mum and baby being asked to stop breastfeeding, cover up or to leave the establishment all together when breastfeeding in shops and cafe’s.

Breastfeeding law

Know your rights regarding breastfeeding and the law – watch video on breastfeeding in England and Scotland. Share your experience of the best and worst places to breastfeed by writing a breastfeeding review.

Here, Editor Ali McHugh, speaks to Alan Susskind, a family law expert from Harper Macleod, to find out where mums can breastfeed and what they can do if they are approached or criticised. The law is different in Scotland, it protects breastfeeding mothers to a greater degree than England.

Watch the discussion and tell us about your experience of breastfeeding in public in the review below.


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  1. Emily Orton says:

    I feel so proud of the women that spoke out against bfeeding discrimination,
    I will always smile at women who are b/feeding in public and would speak out if I saw a mother being bullied.
    I bfeed in public and luckily know our rights!
    It’s our baby’s human right.. I just wish more people understood that!

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