How to deal with an early riser

Does your little one wake before the break of dawn? Sara German shares her thoughts and tips on how to adjust your morning routine.

Early morning tea with toddler

I have never been a morning person. Neither has my husband. My son, on the other hand, has been an early riser since he was an infant.

My son wakes up full of energy. He appears in our room at the foot of our bed in the morning asking (more like demanding!) to go downstairs right away and play. It doesn’t matter if it is a work day or a weekend day, he is up and ready to go!

I remember hearing of these wonderful children that slept until eight or nine o’clock in the morning and I could not help but compare my son that is often up before six o’clock. Over time, I have accepted that this character trait may be with us until the teen years, so I have come up with a way ways of dealing with the early mornings.


I find that routines help me get through the early mornings. I get my son a drink when he wakes up and immediately make myself a tea. For some reason, every morning is better once you have a tea.

Now that I have an early riser I think that going to bed past 11pm is absolutely insane. I am generally in bed before 11pm as I know my son will be up in the morning. Nothing is worth making the morning even tougher than it needs to be by being overtired.

We sleep with my son’s door and our bedroom door open. We keep a baby gate in tact at the top of the stairs to deter him from going downstairs. This way he is able to get up and make his way into our room in the morning. Prior to this setup, he would wake up and start yelling for us to get him which created an even more stressful start to the day. I have found that this has created an easier start to the morning (and sometimes he will even come and cuddle us a little bit).

Embrace technology

My son has a Gro Clock, which is a clock that shows a picture of the sun when it is daytime and stars at night to help him to know what time it is. If he gets out of bed too early we send him back to bed until the ‘sun comes up’. This generally helps to keep him in bed until at least 6am.

I will also admit that I rely a lot on the television in the early morning. My son generally gets to watch one show while he has his morning drink. This keeps the morning calm for a least an extra 20 minutes.

Celebrate the morning

If you can’t beat the morning – then enjoy it!

In the summer, I enjoyed sitting on our back patio in the calm, cool early morning with a tea in hand while my son played outside.

We have also made breakfast out at a restaurant a part of our family life. We all enjoy breakfast foods and since we are up early we are finished at the restaurant before it gets busy.

Mornings can also be quite productive. I can get a lot done in the wee hours of the morning, particularly on the weekends. I wouldn’t say I have been converted to an early riser, but I will admit that I’ve learned to enjoy more than a few!

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  1. Just finished my cuppa & cuddling unwell toddler. Can’t remember when they last slept past six. Getting my tea had helped me cope!

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