Natural pain relief options in labour – part 3

Welcome back to my final article on natural options for pain relief in labour. Topics this week include Homeopathy and Bach Flower Remedies. For the greatest effect and overall benefit, it is advisable to have a consultation with a qualified practitioner in your chosen therapy.

Pain relief options for labour - part 3

For other natural pain relief methods, see part one and part two in the pain relief for labour series.


Homeopathy can have a practical and positive role to play in labour and birthing, as well as support in the period after birth.

During each stage of labour, a homeopathic remedy can be used to reduce feelings of anxiety and panic, give a boost to energy levels and take the edge off any discomfort so it is more bearable.

Homeopathy is generally safe to use during pregnancy if guidelines are followed for remedies. There are pregnancy kits available to buy and most come with a comprehensive guide to choosing and using the remedies. Make sure you are familiar with your kit prior to labour.

A general guide to taking remedies during labour is as follows:

  • In labour, remedies are often needed frequently
  • Doses are high as labour is an acute situation
  • For ease of application, you can dissolve the remedies in hot water and sip as needed
  • If there is complete relief there is no need to repeat the remedy, unless it returns
  • If there is some improvement which stalls repeat the remedy
  • If there is little or no improvement, it’s the wrong remedy and you need to think again

Bach Flower Remedies

Dr. Edward Bach discovered a system of flower remedies to help restore your emotional balance, which can so easily be disrupted during times of stress. The flower essences are captured from the dawn dew on the petals and preserved in a small amount of alcohol, therefore, you may want to dilute them a little more with some water during pregnancy.

The most widely used remedy in times of stress is Bach Rescue Remedy, which combines 5 essences for shock, terror, agitation, loss of control, and feelings of faintness, so it’s an ideal solution to take into the labour room with you!

When should I use them?

Both homeopathic and Bach flower remedies can be used during pregnancy for many physical and emotional imbalances and to restore equilibrium. Remedies are chosen based on many factors including your constitution, plus other factors such as physical and emotional symptoms.

Preparation for childbirth begins from conception, and these complementary therapies may help with pregnancy related imbalances too. Therefore, it seems beneficial to prepare and support your mind and body throughout your pregnancy as well as for childbirth.

In conclusion

As with all complementary therapies it is always advisable to consult a practitioner, and discuss your plans with your midwife especially if you have any special medical circumstances. Most natural options may be suitable if used wisely. The benefits of using natural options for pain relief and emotional support during labour are many, and at the very least, most women will find that they need less pharmacological pain relief during their labour and birthing.

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