OptiBac probiotics for your child’s health review part 2

Charlotte Stirling-Reed’s review of OptiBac probiotics for your child’s health.

Registered Nutritionist Charlotte’s overall rating of Optibac probiotics for your child’s health is 4/5
The OptiBac For your child’s health has been developed to ‘support healthy digestion and immunity in infant and children’. Each sachet delivers 3 billion friendly bacteria (plus fibres used to feed the friendly bacteria) to your child’s digestive system.

Health Benefits

Rated: 3/5
OptiBac For your child’s health is a powder containing friendly bacteria which live naturally in the digestive system of infants and children and are known to be beneficial. As the product name suggests, these probiotics are targeted to children and not to mums’ health, however, OptiBac suggest that mum can take these probiotics during pregnancy and breastfeeding for the benefit of baby. For more information on the benefits of probiotics for childrens health see part 1 here.


Rated: 5/5
The OptiBac For your child’s health contains three bacteria which target different areas of the digestive system. Bifidobacterium infantis and Bifidobacterium bifidum are found naturally in the digestive system of healthy infants and children, where they reduce the impact of potentially harmful bacteria, such as E.coli, and stimulate the immune system. Lactobacillus acidophilus is found naturally in the small intestine of all humans where it produces lactic acid and fights off pathogens.

OptiBac For your child’s health is one of only a few probiotic supplements targeted at children, which is free from added sugars and artificial flavourings and colours. This is a big plus to parents who are frequently instructed to keep these additives to a minimum.


OptiBac For your child’s health is practically tasteless, but does have a strong smell that may need to be disguised from fussy or sensitive children. The smell is a trade-off for the lack of additives and OptiBac gets a big ‘thumbs up’ for not adding these to the formulation.


OptiBac For your child’s health is really simple to use and clear directions are given in the product leaflet. The powder comes ready measured in handy sachets which can be poured straight into a glass and mixed with an inch of water or, alternatively, can be mixed into cold foods and drinks to disguise its use and/or smell.

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+Charlotte Stirling-Reed

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[Accessed 18th May 2012]

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    Really helpful review Charlotte

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    I found this really informative, i just wished this information was available to me when my children were little, i will be advising new mother that i meet to resd this article.

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    Is your products dairy free? Are they shipped with a cold pack or just a regular box? Thanks Missy

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    Really useful information. My sister recently suffered from a very serious e-coli infection and was extremely ill. I had no idea about the benefits of probiotics. I will refer others to this information – many thanks for taking the time to provide it.   

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