Take a Deep Breath by Nina L. Shapiro review

A review of Take a Deep Breath by Nina L. Shapiro. Take a Deep Breath is a guide for parents and caregivers on the subject of children’s breathing issues.

Take a Deep Breath by Nina L. Shapiro review

Every new parent worries about their baby’s breathing, hovering over the moses basket and wondering if those noises are normal or if he/she can really breathe properly while breastfeeding. As the baby grows, worries expand to include nasty colds, choking, asthma and any number of other things that might cause a child difficulties.

Working with parents every day I thought this book might give me some tips to share, but I must admit I expected it to be aimed more at parents with children who have asthma or other breathing conditions. I could not have been more wrong! I found the book fascinating and, even with years of experience in childcare, I learnt a great deal about normal breathing at different ages. Did you know that a newborn baby can only breathe through his mouth if he is crying, the rest of the time he has to breathe through his nose?

Dr Shapiro discusses normal breathing behaviour for each age group (newborn to five years), how this can vary and when you might need to get help. She never patronises but explains things in depth, focusing on issues every parent will face as well as more unusual conditions. There is a whole chapter on coughs and colds in toddlers! Each section ends with a useful list of things you do not need to worry about, as well as clear information to help identify a more worrying problem.

Take a Deep Breath by Nina L. Shapiro review

Throughout the book you are given clear, practical and common sense advice. Dr Shapiro really seems to understand, not only a parent’s concerns, but also the practical difficulties of everyday life and offers suggestions that are genuinely helpful. Having discussed nebulisers (what’s in them and how they work) she goes on to tell you how to actually get a wriggling toddler to sit still long enough to use one.

I would certainly recommend “Take a Deep Breath.” Whether you are worried about a newborn with a blocked nose, air pollution or a toddler with a hoarse voice, this book is highly informative, easy to read and, above all, reassuring.

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