How to meet other mums

Want to meet other Mums with babies the same age, but not sure where to find them? Blogger, Sara German, shares her experience of meeting and making friends with mums.

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Like many mums before me, I loved maternity leave. In many ways it was an experiment with a new temporary lifestyle. It was so different than my typical work day. In reality, I was living an opposite schedule to most of my friends and family. I looked for activities during the day while most people that I knew were working. And at night I was not really able to go out much after dinnertime, having an evening routine with my little one and then heading to bed myself in order to recharge for the next full day.

I remember getting to the point where I felt like I wanted to do more in a day than change diapers and run errands. It became important to me to spend some time with other mums and their babies. Not only did I want the interaction for me, but I felt that my son would really benefit as well. I was eager to swap mum stories with others in a similar position to me!

There was only one problem; I didn’t know any mums that lived in close proximity to me. Many of my friends at the time were unmarried and without little ones. As a career person, I had always relied on work for meeting people and providing daily interaction, as well as hobbies, but now that I would be home full time I knew I needed to branch out. I needed a plan to meet other mums!

Join Activities

When my son was about two months old, I joined a Baby and Mum Yoga class. I had visions of this great zen experience that my son and I would share. To be honest, I found the whole activity pretty stressful. It was a lot of work to get us ready to go and then I would stress that my son might cry and disrupt the class. I did meet a few other mums though and felt that I was part of something, but I didn’t make any lasting friendships.

When my son was about six months we tried a Baby and Mum Zumba class. My son was fairly heavy at the time and the only way he would endure the class was to be strapped to my front in a baby carrier. I ended up giving up on this class because neither of us were having a lot of fun and my back and shoulders couldn’t bear the extra weight! He was also really agitated by the Zumba music!

Visit Resource Centres

There were a number of daytime programs (e.g. sing-a-longs) that were available at a local resource centre. I found this to be a great start in terms of getting out of the house. It was also a good place to learn about additional activities out there.

Take to the Internet

I remember I felt like I was ‘dating’ again, and in a sense I was. I started looking for mum groups on the internet. I joined a few to see which ones would be a good fit.

I attended a sing-a-long at a café as part of one mum group. It was a little intimidating as all the mums seemed to know each other and I was a newbie, but again, we were doing something new.

The other mum group turned out much better. I met two mothers that had babies the same age as mine that enjoyed playdates and getting some exercise.

We have moved again, so I suspect with my next child I will be searching for mum friends again! But at least I know where to start!

How did you find meet mums when you first had a baby?

Did you actively seek out new mums after you had your first baby? Share your thoughts on how to meet other mums in the comments below.

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