How to Reduce the Appearance of Wrinkles

It’s not easy getting older. When you’re not running around after a troupe of screaming kids and keeping the house looking human, you’ve a thousand work tasks to do.

Advice for super tired mums

Yep, your body is making you look much older than you really are. But before you give up, let’s look at how the celebrities seemingly cope, with our top tips on keeping skin looking youthful.

Visit a Botox Clinic

Anti-wrinkle cream and Botox treatments are becoming a more acceptable way of dealing with unsightly wrinkles. Millions of women, and men, around the world have paid a visit to their local Botox clinic in a bid for perfect skin.

Rather than booking in for the kind of operation that would make Bruce Jenner and Pete Burns wince, you can have Botox treatment in your lunch hour, with the fine lines on your forehead, or crow’s feet around your eyes, banished in next to no time.

Stop Smoking

Research shows that a smoker’s skin ages quicker than someone who does not smoke. Smoking breaks down collagen in the skin, making it look more wrinkly – which should be all the motivation you need to give up cigarettes for good.

Of course, it’s tough to give up smoking, but aside from making your skin look old, statistics show that tobacco causes almost a fifth (19 per cent) of ALL cancer cases in the UK each year. This ones a no-brainer for everyone, wrinkles or not.

Sleep On Your Back

Getting a full nights sleep is almost unheard of for a mum, but it’s one of the greatest gifts you can give to your skin. However, if you can’t get your eight hours, try sleeping on your back in an effort to prevent wrinkles. Recent research suggest that if you sleep on your side or front most nights, it’s likely you’ll wake up with sleep lines on your face. And worse still, these sleep lines can become permanently etched on your face. Sound ridiculous? We thought so too.

However you decide to deal with your aging skin is down to you, but let’s face it – its not about looking young or wrinkle free, it’s simply about being healthy. Cue the juicer, kale, ginger and carrots for us. Next post – ‘thanks juicer, you’re the best’!

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