The Importance of Being Happy with Your Job


“It’s just a job” – but is it? According to a study conducted by Online HR consultancy, one third of the British employees questioned are unhappy with their job. If you don’t get on with your colleagues, feel under appreciated, or are under constant stress, then you’re likely to take that bad mood home with you. Considering that full-time workers in the UK spend approximately 8 hours a day at work, it’s not hard to believe that a work environment they’re unhappy in will have a negative effect on them and even their families.

Unfortunately, bullying at the workplace is a very common problem. It can take on a variety of different forms including rudeness, being left out, unacceptable criticism, and being overloaded with work. When you’re being bullied at work, it can make your entire life miserable and even lead to depression. This is not a situation that should be accepted as it can ruin your self-esteem and even your physical health. Find an ally, get advice, stay strong and calmly talk to the bully in questions. The NHS offers more advice on how to deal with bullying at work.

Most people with a stressful job find it very difficult to leave all work-thoughts at work and switch off when they’re at home. If you have a family and children, then they’ll quickly pick up on your bad mood. Children can get worried and frightened if they don’t understand the cause of the problem. Sometimes they can even be the cause themselves without knowing it. For instance, if you’re a single parent or you and your partner are both working full-time, then the six weeks of summer holidays can be a source of anxiety. You might not be able to get enough time off or can’t afford a babysitter for so many days. You might, for instance, want to talk to your boss about the possibility of working flexitime.

Working Mums explains more about health and well-being at work, it has for a long time been a difficulty for many working parents. It’s important to be happy and comfortable with your job because if you’re not, you’ll lack fulfillment. Constantly worrying that you might miss out on something greater can put a serious psychological strain on you. You’re also less likely to invest time and effort if you don’t care about your job, which in turn means you’re unlikely to get a promotion. You don’t want to spend half your waking hours experiencing these negative emotions.

If you don’t like your job then it’s time to take action. Talk to your colleagues or even your boss about your problems. Suffering in silence will only make things worse. If things don’t change and you still dread getting up in the morning to go to work, then it’s time for a change. Looking for a new job can be scary for some people but if you truly hate your current job, then it’s important that you change your situation. Maybe you’d be happier getting a job at Costa Coffee and being able to interact with people more so than you can at your current job, for example.

Work is not just work; you’re investing many waking hours into doing your job. Don’t waste your time – if you don’t love your job then it’s time for a change. Life is too short to be doing something that makes you unhappy.

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