Stopping Your Period At Inconvenient Times

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While it’s possible for women to carry on as normal during their period, there are many times when having a period would be very inconvenient. That’s why many women look at options for delaying their period, whether it’s for a few days, or until the next cycle, and there are options for women whether they’re on the pill or not.

Women not taking the pill

The pill is a great way to make your period more regular, but many women can’t take it, or simply don’t want to for various reasons. However, with a big event coming up, they may be wondering ‘how can I delay my period for a few days?’. If this is the case, then it could be worth checking out this article from Lloyds Pharmacy which has some great advice for women. It’s not an uncommon request, and doctors will often see women who want to delay their period because of big events coming up such as:

  • Weddings
  • Holidays
  • Exams or work commitments
  • Any special occasion

A common medicine that is prescribed is called Norethisterone. It can only be offered on prescription, so you’ll need to see your GP or get an online consultation to be allowed to use it. You’ll also need to plan in advance, as it needs to be taken three days before the day your period is due. There are a few cases where the tablet isn’t suitable, such as women with liver problems, blood clots, or heart problems, so make sure you discuss your history with your GP.

With this medication, you simply take three pills a day, which can delay your period for up to 17 days, plenty of time to delay it for a holiday or special occasion. It doesn’t have contraceptive properties, but does contain progesterone, a hormone that stops your uterus lining from shedding, which means no period.

Restarting your period

Once you come to the end of your course of Norethisterone, your period will simply start up in two to three days as normal. However, some women can experience spotting or light bleeding. If you don’t take it from three days before your period, then the chances of these side effects are higher, so it’s important to get the tablets in plenty of time.

Contraceptive pill

Women who are on certain types of contraceptive pill can often delay their period by skipping the seven day break, and simply moving onto the next pack. This works with most kinds of combined pill that have the week long delay, but may not work with certain types of mini-pill. It’s safe to do this occasionally, but you shouldn’t do it for more than three months. You might want to discuss with a doctor whether your kind of pill is suitable to take back to back.

Periods often show up at the most inconvenient of times, and if you don’t want a special day ruined by an unwanted visitor, then consider looking at ways to delay your period. It’s worth sorting this out in advance before a big event, so the pills are ready to take at the right time, and it just takes a simple consultation to sort this out.

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