How To Get Comfortable Expecting The Unexpected

The best part about life is that it’s unpredictable. You can try to plan all you want, but there are no guarantees. That’s not to mean you should worry.


There are techniques to use that’ll help you during these times. You won’t have to rely on chaos any longer. See how to get comfortable expecting the unexpected.

Do your Best

Doing your best means you’ve put in all possible effort and you wouldn’t do anything differently. The reason the unexpected sneaks up on you is because you aren’t prepared. Preparation is key to getting comfortable with accepting the results. Do your best and you won’t have to worry about what comes back at you. You’ll know there was nothing else you could have done and you’ll feel relaxed.

Accept what you can’t Control

Wanting to control what happens in life is a big reason for people’s unhappiness. Controlling things that can’t and shouldn’t be controlled are certain to bring you disappointment. Having few expectations will actually make you happier because you’re less likely to be discontent when something doesn’t work out your way. Accept that you’re not supposed to control everything and it’s not always going to happen the way you’d like. Change is inevitable and with change comes sudden surprises and disturbances.

Take Care of Yourself

Your number one priority should be your health and happiness. This way you’re prepared for the worst because you’re doing your best. Organise your home and start brainstorming money saving hacks that’ll put your mind at ease. Do things that benefit you. Make a plan by learning your habits and managing them. Get out and exercise and eat healthy for you. Being mentally, emotionally and physically at your greatest will help prepare you for any hiccups. You’ll be busy being happy and won’t need to worry about all the expectations you originally planned out.

Learn to be Flexible

Going with the flow is a skill that is learned. You don’t always have to be a stickler about how life should go. Learn to be flexible and roll with the punches. Use
meditation and quiet your brain so that when life changes, it doesn’t disrupt your entire day. Practice yoga which teaches you to be flexible in mind and body. It’s not necessary to always be keeping a tally and putting pressure on yourself. Life will become more enjoyable and you’ll find yourself smiling more when you learn to be flexible.

Develop Mental Toughness

The real toughness will come from your brainpower. Mental toughness is necessary for getting comfortable expecting the unexpected. Tease your brain and try new activities or go a different way to work. Set goals and work on achieving them. Train your brain to be strong and not crash when things get difficult. Use mindfulness to stay in the moment and brain exercises to overcome adversity.


There are no promises in your journey and life is tough. Get comfortable expecting the unexpected and watch yourself flourish through your days. There’s nothing stopping you but yourself.

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