Creative Ways To Encourage Your Kids To Brush

If you’ve stumbled across this article, chances are you’re a stressed-out parent looking for ways to make brush time that little bit less stressful.

We all know the pain of getting our kids to do something they’d rather avoid, whether it’s that trip to the dentist London office, or simply getting ready for bed. Brush time is often one of the worst, with complaints of horrible tastes, aching gums – usually when they don’t! – or a simple ‘I don’t want to!’ So, how exactly do you help them build up a habit they’re so adamant on avoiding? We’ve got a few tips, below.

Turn It Into A Game

If you’ve got young children, turning brush time into a game can be a great way to encourage them to keep up with an oral health routine. Turn brush time into a noble battle, with your child in the starring hero role. Let them fight off the dreaded ‘bacteria’ in their mouth with the toothbrush. We aren’t going to lie, this can get messy when they start to use the toothbrush as a sword, but it can get them excited for brushing their teeth all the same.

There is also an abundance of new toothbrushes on the market nowadays that let your child brush and play games on a tablet at the same time. The brush connects to the tablet and allows them to progress through games and levels the more they brush or, if you aren’t a fan of introducing that kind of technology to the bathroom, you could invest in a fun timer for them to follow.

Let Them Choose Their Brush And Toothpaste

Giving your child a bit of independence is a guaranteed way to get them excited about something. If they think they’re being given the control to pick out their very own things, they’ll be more willing to use the items when you get home. Let them find a toothbrush they want, whether it’s got their favourite character on it or a dinosaur cap to protect the bristles. Similarly, guide them through the kids’ toothpaste, letting them pick out the flavours or characters they like most.

Introduce Rewards

Rewards charts can be a huge game-changer not only in brushing but in every part of your child’s daily routine. Want to encourage them to brush and get dressed, or get involved in certain chores and tasks throughout the day? A reward chart can help them track what they’ve done and earn presents and gifts when they reach certain milestones. An entire week of brushing can earn them a sweet treat, and an entire month can earn them a toy or a day out – the rewards are up to you. Whatever the case, giving them the motivation and encouragement to brush can be all it takes to get them brushing twice daily.

Turn It Into A Dance Party

Just like the timer and game-based toothbrushes, you can also pick up toothbrushes that play songs for two minutes. These are a great way to encourage your kids to brush and have fun at the same time. If you can’t afford to invest in the toothbrush or would rather keep things simple, there are a number of apps available on iPhone and Android, including the Brush DJ app, to get them dancing around the bathroom and brushing for the allotted two minute time period. Get involved and turn it into a family event for a few extra minutes of time spent together.

Encouraging your children to brush doesn’t have to be difficult. With the right motivation, they can build up a routine of their own and turn brush time into a habit, rather than a chore. Which will you try first?

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