Top 5 Non Alcoholic Drinks

Feeling virtuous for giving up alcohol during Dry January? Imagine having a clear head for a whole year. Motivated to give their child the very best start in life, expectant Mums decline alcohol for nine months, longer if breast feeding. What’s their secret to going sober?

Alcoholic Free Drinks

Top of the list, plan in advance when socialising. Have a list of alcohol free drinks at hand. Here’s a list of non alcoholic drinks to add some sparkle to your alcohol free alternatives.

1. Slange Var

Slange Var is a refreshing combination of soothing honey, tangy limes, fiery ginger and fresh Scottish water. It can be enjoyed in a variety of guises – on its own, on the rocks, mixed with juices or fruity syrups in a fun mocktail, or even as the base of an alcohol free hot toddy!

Consider asking for Slange Var if you go on a night out with friends or family; or if you need something elegant you can sip with an evening meal that isn’t a glass of wine.

Product Reviewed – Slange Var Non Alcoholic Drink

“I like that Slange Var isn’t at all sugary. I found it tart and very fresh in a tall glass of soda with mint. I definitely prefer Slange Var with soda as an alterative to the super sweet non alcoholic wines.”

Slange Var is £19.99 for three 500ml bottle and is available online.

2. Sparkling Non Alcoholic Wine

A non alcoholic wine can provide all the flavour of their alcoholic counterparts, but also delivers a lot of bubbly, light hearted fun. Sparkling non alcoholic wines are best enjoyed with a meal or when settling down for a cosy evening in.

Our favourite sparkling non alcoholic wine is The Bees Knees, who produce a variety of flavours for you too choose from. It doesn’t matter if you are a rose drinker or a white wine fan, they have a drink that you’ll enjoy.

Product Reviewed – The Bees Knees Sparkling Alcohol Free 75cl

“I loved the idea of a alcohol free white wine. The idea that is is dealcohlised intrigued me and I thought it would have the crispness of wine, but it didn’t. If you like sweet wines you will be happy.”

The Bees Knees Wine is around £3.00 for one 750ml bottle and is available in most supermarkets.

3. Alcohol Free Beer

The non alcoholic beer market is booming right now. All the big beer brands offer a variety of alcohol free options, and there are countless craft breweries also entering the market. A refreshing beer is perfect for a Sunday roast, with a summery barbeque, or when meeting friends after work.

Personally, we opt for Beck’s Blue when we are in the mood for a non alcoholic beer. It is crisp, light and inexpensive. If you’re after something with a deeper, more complex flavour, then why not try Brewdog’s Nanny State which we think goes well with comfort food such as pasta with a creamy mushroom sauce.

Product Reviewed – Beck’s Blue Alcohol Free Lager 0.05% ABV

“Becks Blue is my go to alcohol free beer. It’s tasty and to be honest, no one has a clue you are not drinking. When not pregnant my aboslut favourite is Erdinkger alcohol free beer – it is so super tasty – a blonde lager equivalent. However it does have a smidge of alcohol 0.5%. So not an option if  you want to be 100% alcohol free. “

Becks Blue is around £3.50 for 6 (275ml) bottles and is available in most supermarkets.

4. Non Alcoholic Prosecco

Bringing a child into the world is something to celebrate! And when others crack out the bubbly to toast you and your newborn, you shouldn’t be left out. What you need is a non alcoholic alternative to prosecco or champagne for all the celebrating you’ll be doing.

Why not try some Nosecco, an alcohol free imitation which will have you fooled. The bubbles, the fizz, the pale golden colour, the playful flavour, they are all still there, just without the alcohol content.

Nosecco Spumante Alcohol Free

“Definitely fun to have a Nosecco. It’s a fun party drink. “

Nosecco is around £3.50 for a 750ml bottle and is available in most supermarkets.

5. Seedlip

For the gin fans out there (we know there’s plenty of you!), there are products out there for you to enjoy during pregnancy. After an exhausting day, you need a drink with the same depth of flavour and versatility, and we’ve got the just the one for you.

Seedlip is a distilled non-alcoholic spirit made which ticks all the gin lover’s boxes. It matches well with the classic tonic water and lime wedge, or as the key ingredient to bring a mocktail together.

Product Reviewed – Seelip Garden

“Seedlip is interesting, unsual and pricey. I think the bottles are absolutely beautiful and it makes a wonderful gift. I’d definitely try it again as a treat.”

Seedlip is £22 for a 750 ml bottle and is available online or in most stores.

These days there really is a non alcoholic option for all tastes, you just need to find the one for you! So whether your pregnant or simply feeling challenged by Dry January, we’d love to know what you are drinking so please share your favourite non alcoholic alternatives on twitter of facebook with us.

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