The benefits of a good nanny

This week is National Nanny Week so we’re finding out what benefit a really good nanny can bring to your children and your family.

Benefits of a nanny

Many families find that employing a nanny is the best childcare solution, with longer hours and more flexibility than most nurseries. But a really good nanny can offer you more than just someone to keep the children fed and entertained. Here are just some areas where an experienced and qualified nanny may be able to add something extra.


Unlike many parents a nanny should be trained in first aid. I know several who have leapt to the rescue while a group of mothers didn’t know what to do. You should be confident that your child is in safe hands. A nanny with years of experience will also be familiar with common dangers at home as well as out and about. They should be able to recommend any changes you might want to make to keep your little one safe as he reaches each developmental stage and give you lots of tips for trips further afield.


A qualified nanny should have studied child behaviour and understand why children behave in certain ways at different ages. Experience means they also have a thorough understanding of how this works in practice! A nanny can help you to set boundaries for behaviour or deal with any issues quickly and effectively, explaining how and why you might want to handle things in a particular way. With experience of many children in many situations, they should have enough knowledge and experience to adapt methods to suit your child and family.


A qualified nanny will have been trained in early years education and has probably worked with a huge variety of nurseries and schools. They will know how to support your child’s development in every area, from the academic subjects to things like social skills. Above all a good nanny knows how to incorporate these activities into everyday life and fun games, so that children are enthusiastic about learning and have fun as they go along! Your nanny should be able to plan interesting activities at home, fun outings, (perhaps including one or two structured classes) and plenty of time for informal free play. They will be able to explain the learning opportunities in each activity and give your little one a well rounded, balanced and appropriate schedule. A good nanny will show you how to support learning and development while allowing your little one the fun of play and time to enjoy childhood.

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