What you need to know when you’re getting a divorce

Getting divorced in the UK is now easier than at any time in history. Unfortunately this also means that many people hurry into divorce without thinking about what it involves.

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For most people, divorce is going to at the very least involve considerable cost and lost time, as well as perhaps all kinds of emotional fall out and other problems.  At the pinnacle of these problems is the effect that divorce can have on children.

Of course it is well known that many children have an adverse reaction to their parents splitting up, and that’s quite natural and something to be expected.  In the past, many estranged couples have actually struggled to stay together “for the sake of the children”, which is actually a terrible mistake to make.  If you decide to remain together, it should always be for your own sakes, and not because of the children.

Living a lie doesn’t make things better for your children, and in fact it could make everything much worse.  Your children could grow up to be completely dysfunctional if they live in a household where the parents openly or silently hate each other’s guts.

The sensible thing to do when the relationship is really and truly over is to mutually agree to this and then make solid plans for moving on.  Tragically, the reality is that most couples are unable to do that effectively.  For this reason, we have Family Law Courts to help make sure that there is some fairness involved whenever a family breaks apart.  This is a far from perfect system, however, and mistakes can be made sometimes.  When it happens, the consequences can be devastating to one of the parents, and quite often for the children as well.

It is obvious that your first step in any situation where you are facing divorce is to contact Family Law solicitors for help.  Having a lawyer will make all the difference in the world to your chances of a successful outcome.

Even when a divorce is “amicable”, that friendliness is often forgotten entirely once the court room is entered.  People can find themselves overwhelmed with all kinds of emotions in that environment, and often their behavior will change as well.  It is a huge mistake to go to court without adequate representation, and definitely a false economy to represent yourself.

When you have children, if you care about their well-being, and if you care about being able to see them, you can’t afford to take chances.  You must take steps to ensure that the right person gets custody and that the proper provisions are in place to ensure both parents have access to see their children if it is appropriate.

There are a few rare exceptions where it would not be appropriate for a parent to see their children, and that is also something where a lawyer can help.  If there are strong reasons why a parent should not be entitled to have contact with their child, you would face a difficult task to convince the court on your own.  A lawyer from the Solicitors Guru can present a more convincing and credible argument, provided, of course, that the reasons are genuine.

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