Carpet Clean v’s New Carpets

When we moved into our new house 10 years ago (pre-kids), we spent a tidy sum on good quality carpets with natural fibres. It was depressing watching the carpets steadily deteriorate with 3 babies upon us.

But we told ourselves, this was all part of being a good parent, and we accepted that ‘things had changed around here’. The showroom house was no-longer in ‘showroom condition’, and that was that!

But, after 8 years of surviving being a parent (3 small kids), we knew it was finally time to replace the carpets (costing thousands), or try to get the carpets cleaned (costing hundreds). But was this cleaning option even possible, or just a waste of time and money?

Could Our Carpets Be Saved?

Our poor carpets were in a bad way with frequent spillages of milk; the odd leaky nappy; the burps that turn into baby sick; the mud from the buggy wheels; etc. I could go on but I think you get the picture. It just didn’t seem possible that our carpets could ever be rescued and returned to new.

We contacted a local carpet cleaning glasgow company, who believed our carpets could be ‘revitalised’ (cleaned)? And since they gave us a competitive quote, we thought ‘what the heck’, let’s give it a go.

Well, after the Cleaning Technicians worked their hours of magic (with lots of hard work & perspiration) – you could have knocked me down with a feather. WOW – our carpets literally looked like new! The result was unbelievable.

Why Didn’t We Carpet Clean Sooner?

Now feeling foolish about not having carpet cleaned sooner, we thought ‘why did we procrastinate’? The following concerns were probably foremost in our mind: –

Are Suppliers Trustworthy?

The prospect of having ‘unknown suppliers’ spend time in our home – with just mum and kids present – was somewhat worrying, especially given the fact that they are literally in every room in the house. We asked Revitalised Carpets about their credentials and our fears were immediately allayed.

“At Revitalised® we ensure all of our staff are Criminal Record Checked. We listened to our customers (many of whom are Mums, home alone with their babies), and concerns about letting ‘unknown male’ suppliers into their home was raised as an important concern. So we ensured that all of our Team are Disclosure Scotland certified”.

Is Carpet Cleaning Cost Effective?

We knew how much it would cost to replace our old carpets with new carpets (£thousands), but we were worried that a Carpet Cleaning firm might cost £hundreds, and still leave us needing to replace the carpets anyway. We asked Revitalised if they would provide a fixed price & guarantee that our carpet clean would work, and once again they allayed our fears.

“At Revitalised®, we ask our customers the concerns they have, and the feeling of ‘being ripped off’ was a big concern to new clients. To alleviate these concerns – Revitalised provide an ‘integrity guarantee’! Firstly, we visit your house and assess whether your carpets can be cleaned effectively or not. We’re experienced enough to know how effective our cleaning will be, and we explain this transparently to our customers. We’d rather our customers ‘know in advance’ what the likely result will be – before they’ve spent a single penny.

Then, if our customers are happy to proceed, we take their room measurements and provide a free no obligation quote. We offer fixed prices on ‘standard room sizes’, and for larger rooms we simply provide an additional ‘per square metre’ charge. Only when our customers are happy ‘and fully in control’, do we proceed with the job”.


Hopefully we’ve provided you with some insights into our positive experience of ‘cleaning carpets’ v ‘new carpets’. We can 100% assure you, cleaning our carpets was one of the best recent investments we’ve made to our home.

If you’ve had a good or bad experience with Carpet Cleaning with babies – please let us know. If you need any further advice, you can ask our friendly supplier at Revitalised Carpets by email.

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