Thinking about buying into a Franchise?

We’ve often wondered whether there was an easier way of earning a living – rather then working the usual 9am-5pm, Monday-Friday slog.

The suggestion of ‘buying a franchise’ has often been raised, and it got us thinking a bit more about running a franchise.

Popular Franchises

You’d probably easily guess the top 3 franchises in the world, which are McDonalds, Subway and KFC – each having at least 18,000 franchises. The popularity of these Franchise types is obvious – the products & services are predetermined; they are proven business models; and securing finance to buy the franchise may be simpler, as there is less risk involved.

Typical Costs of Franchise

A commonly asked question within business seems to be how much does a franchise actually cost? Here’s a quick breakdown of the typical costs of buying a Business Franchise. These costs include wages, signage, training for your employees and equipment such as computers. The average cost of a UK franchise is around £20,000 on average. A franchise can start from anywhere from £8,000 up to £4 million.

Guide on the typical costs of running a franchise


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