How To Prepare Your Child For University

Sending your child away to university can be tough, particularly if they’ve never lived away from home before. Kids are often reliant on their parents when they’re living at home, so the transition can be hard for them when they first move away, but it doesn’t have to be. There are loads of ways to help your child and prepare them for an exciting university experience.

Teach Them Basic Life Skills

It can be surprising how many basic skills your child can lack if you’ve been doing their washing, ironing and cooking for them their entire life, so teach them the skills they’ll need to be happy, healthy and well-adjusted. Consider the life skills your child will need while they’re away at university then try to teach them as early as possible so that they’re prepared for university life. 

Find Them Premium Accommodation With Exceptional Facilities

Student accommodation is one of the most important factors that you need to consider when you’re sending your child away to university. Find a provider that offers a range of facilities in their buildings like Collegiate, which has properties containing everything from security and concierge services through to housekeeping solutions and on-site fitness centres. 

Make Sure They Have Everything They Need

Set your child up for university by kitting them out with everything they could possibly require to have a great time and stay safe and healthy. Include them in the decisions so that they enjoy their new belongings and use them all, including the boring items like cleaning products and fresh bedding. 

Show Them How To Keep Things Clean

Cleaning is a key life skill, and one that will help them to keep their room and belongings safe and tidy. Give them guidance on the products they will need and how they can use them to keep their space clean. This will help them to keep their belongings safe and reduce their risk of them succumbing to the dreaded ‘fresher’s flu’, the bug that afflicts most new students when they first start university because of their poor diets, proximity to lots of new people and general lack of cleanliness. 

Give Them A Few Easy Recipes To See Them Through

Cooking is another skill that students often don’t learn at home, where their parents make all their meals for them. When they first move away they will be tempted by the allure of takeaways and ready meals, but these are expensive and are often not good for their health and weight, so teach them some simple yet delicious recipes that they will enjoy and which can be changed easily to make sure your child doesn’t get bored eating the same meal constantly. 

Technology Can Help Them Budget

Managing money is a skill that even adults struggle with, but with student loans barely covering essential expenditure and student jobs not paying very well it’s important that your child learns early on how to budget effectively. To help them, download an app onto their phone that will make it easy for them to track their spending and make sure that they don’t go over budget and can enjoy their student life without having to worry about money. 

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