Recall Bob The Builder Gift Sets

Born to Play, a  manufacturer of Bob the Builder toys in the UK, has issued a voluntary product recall for Gift Sets purchased in Boots and Tesco UK Stores.

Product Details

Product NameBob the Builder Scoop, Lofty & Muck Gift Sets, Bob the Builder: 4 Vehicle Gift Set
Company, brand or retail storeBorn To Play
Recall DateWed 9th Dec 2009
Product TypeToys 3 - 8 Years
HazardWhile the gift items themselves are safe and compliant, based on two customer reports, Born to Play has decided that the product packaging does not meet its stringent safety requirements and has issued a voluntary recall. The recall is purely a precautionary measure and Born to Play would like to apologise for any inconvenience caused.
IncidentsThe toys were recalled after two customers reported that a piece of a gluing tool used in manufacturing were found included inside the product packaging.
RemedyIf you bought any of these products from Boots or Tesco after July 2009 and they are still in their packaging, do not attempt to open them. Call the customer helpline immediately to arrange a full refund.
Product DescriptionBob the Builder Scoop, Lofty & Muck Gift Sets sold at Tesco from July 2009 * Scoop (BB540), * Lofty (BB542) * Muck (BB550) Boots Stores From July 2009 Bob the Builder: 4 Vehicle Gift Set (BB595)
Barcode(s)5055127317246, 5055127317260, 5055127317345 5055127351448
Batch Number(s)090525
Contact Telephone+44 (0)800 028 3508
Contact Website
Recall TypeRecall
Recall AuthorityTrading Standards
Recall CountryUnited Kingdom
NotesNo other product combinations or vehicle sets are affected by Born to Play's recall.

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