Safety Alert Go Go Hamster Toy

The hamster has not been officially recalled by the US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) or the UK Trading Standards Institute.

Product Details

Product NameGo Go Hamster Mr Squiggles
Company, brand or retail storeCepia
Recall DateMon 7th Dec 2009
Product TypeToys 1 - 3 Years
HazardThe safety alert was published by the US consumer group GoodGuide who tested the product for various contaminants and alleged that the Go Go Mr Squiggle Hamster (light brown) had more than the allowed level of the metal antimony. The GoodGuide claim the Go Go Hamster toy had 93 parts per million of Antimony in the hamster's fur and 106 parts per million in their noses. The chemical is restricted to 60 parts per million in European toys because of the adverse health effects it can cause. Antimony is used in the production of toys and can act as a catalyst in 'polyester production' and with 'bromide' as a 'flame retardant.' The concern is that antimony used in either way may release from the toy. Note: The European toy standard EN 71 (for migration from toys) is 60 ppm. The U.S. voluntary toy standard ASTM F973-07 (for migration from toys) is 60 ppm. Health effects associated with antimony, depending on the level of exposure, include possible cancer, lung and heart problems and impacts on fertility.
Recall TypeSafety Notice
Recall AuthorityMHRA Healthcare
Recall CountryUnited Kingdom
NotesManufactured in China

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