Child’s Folding Chair With Parasol sold at Wilkinson

Wilkinson has issued a product recall on their Child’s Folding Chair With Parasol product.

Product Details

Product NameChild's Folding Chair With Parasol
Company, brand or retail storeWilkinson
Recall DateMon 5th Jul 2010
Product TypeCrib
HazardThe parasol spoke caps may become detached exposing a sharp metal tip with potential to cause injury. The caps themselves present a choking hazard risk to small children. In addition, the parasol stem and the chair hinge mechanism present risks of injury to children through the presence of potential shear and squeeze points.
RemedyIf you have purchased one of these items this year, please do not use it and return it to your nearest Wilkinson store for a full refund.
Barcode(s)02405735 02620299
Contact Telephone+44 8000 329 329
Contact Website
Recall TypeSafety Notice
Recall AuthorityTrading Standards
Recall CountryUnited Kingdom

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