Recall Tesco Sippy Cup

Tesco has recalled the Tesco My Toddler’s Flip Top Sipper Cup which has been on sale since September 2009.

Product Details

Product NameMy Toddler's Flip Top Sipper Cup
Company, brand or retail storeTesco
Recall DateThu 17th May 2001
Product TypeChildren Feeding
HazardDoes not meet Tesco's strict quality and safety standards.
RemedyTake this product away from your child. Customers who have bought this product from store are requested to return it to the Tesco store in which it was purchased where a full refund will be given.
Product DescriptionTesco Flip Top Sipper cups on sale since September 2009.
Contact Telephone+44800505555
Contact Website
Recall TypeSafety Notice
Recall AuthorityTrading Standards
Recall CountryUnited Kingdom
NotesThe recall is purely a precautionary measure and no other products are affected by this recall.

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