Brain food for baby

A research study has proven that a healthy diet in young developing children is linked to higher levels of intelligence.

BBC News reported today that the Study of 4,000 children by University of Bristol found that those with diets that included more fruit, salads, vegetables and whole grain food from age three had a slightly higher IQ by age eight and a half years than the children with a diet of fatty, high sugar content and processed foods from age three years.

Development in early years

Dr Pauline Emmett from the University of Bristol stated: “Brain development is much faster in early life; it’s when it does most of its growing. It seems what happens afterwards is less important.”

The study has perhaps underlined what we already know regarding the link between healthy diet and intelligence; however it also reiterates that the nutrition the brain receives from fruit and green vegetables from a young age affects its optimal growth and will have a long term impact.


BBC Health Healthy diet ‘boosts childhood IQ


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