Globe Stress Ball

The Globe Stress Ball, sold in the Science Museum in London, has been recalled.

Product Details

Product NameGlobe Stress Ball
Company, brand or retail storeLondon Science Museum
Recall DateWed 9th Mar 2011
Product TypeToys 3 - 8 Years
HazardThere is a chemical present in the ball that exceeds limits set out in EU standards
RemedyPlease return to the Science Museum Shop, Museum Lane, London, SW7 2DD for a full refund
Product DescriptionGlobe Stress Ball
How to identify this productThe affected batch has a heat-applied warning notice attached to it, and would have been purchased between December 7th 2010 and February 25th 2011.
Contact Telephone+44 1206 224466
Contact Website
Recall TypeSafety Notice
Recall AuthorityTrading Standards
Recall CountryUnited Kingdom

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