Highlights from The Baby Show

This weekend, Mindful Mum travelled to Earls Court in London to put companies and products through their paces at The Baby Show.

Baby Show London

The biggest event for babies and parents in Britain showcases new start businesses alongside trusted favourites in the parenting sector. Parents can try, test and buy all they need for their baby in one of the four events across England. Mindful Mum sent our roving reporters to the Baby Show 2011 to find the best of the rest for our conscientious Mum’s.

Developmental products

We believe educational toys and books will help baby develop into intuitive toddlers and children who question the world around them. At The Baby Show, we spoke to some of the most inspiring companies with education at the core of their ideas and inventions. Here are the top products we felt were really pushing boundaries in the educational sector.

  1. Bondie Bird
    Mum of premature twins, Francine Lyle, has ticked all the right boxes with this innovative product. This stimulating, wearable play mat puts parents right at the core of the learning and exploration stages of baby’s development. As much fun as it is educational, Bondie Bird’s Play Wrap has hit the nail on the head with this product.
  2. Fudgybear
    Here at Mindful Mum, we love books. We believe parents should be reading to their baby before they have even arrived yet and that’s why we love Sarah Marley’s books and toys. To encourage her son to enjoy reading, she put his favourite toy into the story. Discover Fudgybear’s adventures with your little one as they play along with Fudgybear himself.
  3. Playduvet
    Play and interaction is encouraged from a very young age to help encourage development. Mum’s long for eye to eye contact with their little ones and although tummy time is a great opportunity for this, there never seems to be enough room on the play mat! That’s why we love the Play Duvet, there’s enough room for the whole family to play. The fold away duvet fits into a shoe bag and is 100% cotton and fully C safety marked.
  4. Babyboomboom
    In an increasingly muti-cultural society, parents are keen for their babies to be aware of other cultures and open minded to customs and languages. Babyboomboom products have been developed to introduce the sounds of a second language to babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers through music and rhythm. This simple and fun approach helps little ones develop an interest in other languages and help them get a head start in life.

Protective products

As parents, we all want to do best by baby and without wrapping them up in bubble wrap, we want to protect them whilst supporting their explorative nature. Our favourites from the baby and child protective sector will keep our children safe putting Mum and Dad’s mind at ease.

  1. The Gro Company
    As parents, we all want to do our best by baby and that means safety is at the core of every day living. That’s why we like the Gro Company. Specialising in safe sleep for baby, they offer a range of safe sleeping bags, blankets and the all important Gro-egg, a special temperature monitor to tell you if your baby is too hot or too cold, reducing the risks of cot death.
  2. Waterbabies
    It’s no secret, babies love the water! But Waterbabies isn’t just about teaching babies to swim for fun, it’s a skill that could potentially save their lives if they ever fell into water. Paul and Jess started Waterbabies to teach babies how to save themselves from drowning, a skill that has not gone unpractised in their experience!
  3. Baby Safe Homes (London)
    When a new baby develops into an active toddler on exploration expeditions, no stone is left unturned. With their children into everything, parents need to know their home is safe. Founded by a couple living in London, Baby Safe Homes is a consultancy who will analyse dangers, suggest solutions and implement safety devices all before lunchtime.
  4. Aden & Anais
    This company makes swaddling blankets that are both beautiful and reusable for any size of baby. But Aden & Anais are not just creating blankets, they are also teaching mums not to overheat their babies; teaching the benefits of swaddling (Founder, Raegan Moya-Jones wrote the Book – Swaddle Love). New to 2012 to look out for from Aden & Anais is a new natural skincare range, perfect for nappy rash and cuts etc. They are also launching the Serenity Star, which helps Mums to schedule their breast feeding better.
  5. Cuddledry
    Bath time is frequently voted the most stressful time for Mum, because of the obvious dangers and hazards. With 12 awards, this company are helping Mums alleviate this problem with their hands free Cuddledry product range. As seen on Dragons Den, Cuddledry is a good example of a product created by Mums from their own experience.
  6. Konfidence
    A great success story of a family business inspired by the safety of their own children, Konfidence have created their own buoyancy aid for safe swimming. It’s natural for parents to worry about their children when near water, that’s why parents and Mindful Mum love their swimming range. Fully EEC tested, Konfidence products are now selling world wide.

Organic and natural products

From organic foods to organic cottons, there are some excellent products and companies out there helping us to do our best by baby. For conscientious mums, these are the companies from The Baby Show we felt were really looking after our families.

  1. Baby Zilli
    Aldo Zilli, celebrity chef on ITV’s Daybreak and family man Dean Dunham had a vision – to bring a range of chef prepared meals to baby to help educate their palate from stage 1 (4 months) to stage 3 (9 months). With nutrition and health at its core, all ingredients are also Soil Association Accredited Organic, perfect for conscientious mums.
  2. Peter Rabbit Organics
    A company after our own heart, Peter Rabbit Organics have been producing primarily UK sourced, organic baby foods for several years. With baby really at the forefront of their mission, even their packaging is BPA free. 100% organic juices are the latest introduction to the Peter Rabbit family, we can’t wait to introduce baby to the organic apple!
  3. Organic babies from Green People
    With a range of skincare, toiletries and cosmetic products that are friendly to baby, children and parents alike, Green People are an award winning company specialising in organic and fair trade products; all accredited to the highest possible standard. Inspired by the founder’s daughter who was born with eczema and severe allergies, Green People have developed the finest products, which are both safe for family and for the environment.
  4. Water Wipes
    This Irish company has produced a revolutionary baby wipe that is the mildest for baby to use. Made from just two ingredients, DermaH20’s Water Wipes contain just 0.01% fruit extract and 99.9% water. We love these wipes because of their purity, no more irritation or rashes for our little ones.
  5. Ellas Kitchen
    Paul Lindley created a range of healthy snacks for children as he felt his daughter Ella, along with her peers should have the opportunity to eat good food full of nutrition and big on taste. From baby rice to fruit smoothies, all products contain only 100% organic ingredients.

Eco and green products

Saving the planet is becoming more and more important to our mums. Companies are being called to order to help us help our planet. That’s why we’ve highlighted some of the best companies promoting innovative, sustainable products to help mums make the right choice, without compromising on quality.

  1. Bambino Mio
    Bambino Mio has had conscientiousness at its core since the onset. Their Miosolo range of reusable all-in-one nappies make green parenting so simple, it would be harder not to do it. Offered in six incredibly stylish colours including marshmallow, flying saucer and cola cube, your baby will not only be the trendiest kid on the block, but the greenest too.
  2. Close
    A trendy parenting company priding it’s self on its ethical integrity, Close really cares about the environment. Close gives parents ethical and environmentally friendly tools to raise their children based on their parenting instincts. From reusable nappies to 100% organic cotton baby carriers, this company knows how to take care of our world and our children.
  3. gNappies
    These nappies are great for parents because they offer two options, both reusable and disposable. But it’s not what you think, even the disposable option are 100% certified biodegradable! Great, trusty nappies for parents who want to reduce their carbon footprint without compromising on babies needs. The founder of gNappies has recently been named one of Fortune Magazine’s Top 10 Women Entrepreneurs.
  4. Cheeky Wipes
    Cheeky Wipes are introducing a concept unthinkable for most parents, a washable baby wipe. Thinking about the amount of baby wipes the average baby goes through on a daily basis, using a reusable wipe is undoubtedly good for the environment. A sensible choice to help keep our planet healthy.
  5. Green Nippers
    Beautiful, elegant and stylish clothes for babies who care about the environment. Green Nippers is fashion with a conscience at its best! All clothes from this company are Soil Association approved and are now available in Italy and Tokyo.

Innovative products

We are always on the look out for new products and exciting inventions that make mum’s life easier. Here are our top picks from the baby show 2011.

  1. Annabel Karmel
    Baby food guru, Annabel Karmel has just launched her new iPhone App. Containing 120 recipes, which provide instructions, ingredients and an amazing video of Annabel actually making the meal – this App is perfect for mums. Annabel also has 2 new episodes of her cooking programme coming out on DVD in time for Christmas.
  2. Chillipeeps
    Introducing the multi-award winning Chillipeeps teat. A teat that solves a common problem experienced by many parents when out and about with young hungry babies. The teat attaches directly to a carton to feed your baby and many mineral water bottles to enable you to rehydrate your baby when you find yourself without a sterilised bottle. The Chillipeeps Teat Adapter is made in Britain, the silicone teat is made by Canpol Babies and Conforms to BS EN 14350 and is also Bisphenol A Free.
  3. Lights Out Blind
    A patented design to help mums black out the day light to help get baby down to sleep. What’s different about this product is the central sucker and pull-tight cord, which means that gaps where light can enter, a common problem with conventional blinds, is not an issue. Designed and developed by a Mum, the Lights Out Blind is highly portable and very convenient to take on holidays or trips away from the home. An essential for day naps and summer light nights.

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