Recall Phil&Teds Stroller

Phil and Teds have issued a safety notice for their Sport V2 & Classic V1 strollers. Claim the free self-fit hinge cover using the online official sport V2 / classic V1 recall to repair form.

Product Details

Product NameSport V2 & Classic V1 Stroller
Company, brand or retail storePhil and Teds
Recall DateFri 21st Jan 2011
Product TypeStrolller or Buggy
HazardWhen folding and unfolding the stroller, a person's finger can become caught in the hinge mechanism, where it can get cut or even amputated.
IncidentsThere have been a number of reported cases in which the frame lock of a sport v2 (which shares a common hinge with the classic v1) was not utilised and an adult user caught a finger in the hinge mechanism, causing injury.
RemedyPhil and Teds are providing free of charge, to all affected consumers a free self-fit hinge cover. Customers should immediately obtain and fit the free kit obtained via the online order form.
Product DescriptionDiscontinued sport v2 and classic v1 strollers, manufactured between April 2008 and June 2010. All other models have different hinge mechanisms and are unaffected.
Serial Number(s)Sport V2 affected serial numbers - 0308/0001 to 0510/0840 Classic V1 affected serial numbers - 0308/0001 to 0510/0906
How to identify this productThe strollers have the codes ‘SPv2’ (sport v2) or ‘E3C’ (classic v1) printed on the wrist safety strap attached to the stroller handle. Single seat pushchair. The V2 model is sold in red, orange, green, black, charcoal, navy and in graffiti print. The classic V1 model is only sold in red. Affected serial numbers are located on the inner face of the main hinge, underneath the seat. The sport v2 and classic v1 were manufactured between March 2008 and May 2010.
Contact Website
Recall TypeSafety Notice
Recall AuthorityTrading Standards
Recall CountryUnited Kingdom
NotesVoluntary corrective action taken by the distributor. Should you have any queries at all please feel free to contact one of our trained customer service representatives. phil&teds stresses that all users should read and adhere to the instruction manual which contains valuable safety tips and service recommendations. Country of Origin: China

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