Singing develops childrens well-being

Singing has always given us ‘the feel good factor’ and a new study on 10,000 children can prove the fact that singing can make you feel happy inside.

The BBC have reported that the Educational Institute of England’s ‘Sing Up’ programme has effectively used singing in schools to promote a sense of being part of a community, which in turn, develops a positive self concept within children.

‘Sing Up’ has evaluated that children who sing in choirs, play instruments in lessons and engage in other musical activities have a better sense of well-being or ‘well-ness’. This is fantastic news for teachers who value the resources provided by the programme and for parents who appreciate what the programme does for their child.

Composer Howard Goodall, The National Singing Ambassador said, “We’ve always maintained that singing alongside its brain-training benefits, can help children to grow in confidence and create stronger communities and now we’re able to prove it with hard evidence”.

The programme was awarded funding of £10m by the Department of Education. The future of the funding after the end of 2011 is unclear, although it is hoped more funding will be released for 2012.


BBC Education & Family: School singing ‘can boost children’s well-being’


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