UK couples travel abroad for IVF

A lack of egg and sperm donors is driving Brits abroad for IVF.

Couples go abroad for IVF

A lack of sperm and egg donors in the UK have seen couples having to travel abroad for the fertility treatment.

Long waiting times for NHS treatment, high costs and geographic limitations has seen a rise in couples seeking IVF in other countries.

Popular IVF destinations

A new study has found that Spain and the Czech Republic are the most popular destinations for the treatment, followed by the US.

The research, published in the Human Reproduction journal, outlined the appeal of going abroad as the anonymity of donors. Couples are also offered the option of having more than one embryo transferred during a treatment cycle, this is not common practice in the UK.

There is an obvious lapse in the number of registered egg donors compared to the demand for IVF. In 2008, 1,150 women donated eggs. During the same year, 39,879 women had IVF in the UK – 1,305 of those treatments were with donor eggs.

Thinking of IVF?

Our fertility expert, Lisa Marsh, takes you through her personal experience of IVF in the United States and provides an in-depth guide to assessing your chances of success with IVF in the UK.

Source: Human Reproduction journal

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