24,000 Scottish families are facing ‘severe disadvantage’

According to new research published by think tank Demos, 24,000 Scottish families with children are facing ‘severe disadvantage’, including low income and ill health.

by Louise-Anne Geddes, Mindful Mum, 22nd October 2012

The report, titled ‘A Wider Lens’ revealed that Glasgow is the worst affected, with 1 in 10 families facing severe disadvantage, a figure three times the national average.


Researchers carried out a regional analysis of 28,000 Scottish households, examining seven disadvantages which included: ill health, low income, unemployment and no qualifications.  Families facing four or more were considered ‘severely disadvantaged’.

It was found that unmarried homes with children are six times more likely to be severely disadvantaged than married households (with 8.5% of unmarried households with children facing four or more disadvantages versus 1.4% of married households).  15% of families with children are workless, compared with 24% of working age households without children.

Families face struggle

Louise Bazalgette, the report’s author said:

“This report goes beyond a simplistic understanding of disadvantage, recognising that hardship is about a lot more than low income. It provides insight into the struggle thousands of families across Scotland go through on a daily basis coping with poverty, worklessness and poor health.  The extent of severe disadvantage in some areas of Scotland shows the scale of the challenge for some local authorities, who need to find effective ways to work with families facing a complex set of problems at a time of dwindling public resources”.

Source:  Demos, 24.000 Scottish families face severe disadvantage, 22nd October 2012

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