Bumbo recall in US

Babycare giant Bumbo is recalling four million seats after 50 incidents of infants tumbling out of the seat and fracturing their skulls.

  • The recall involves about 4 million Bumbo seats in the United States and about 340,000 in Canada.
  • There have been at least 50 accidents in the US, where the firm is sending out safety harnesses.
  • The £35 foam seats are not being recalled in the UK but buyers will be offered the free straps.

Bumbo International Trust is voluntarily recalling more than 4 million Bumbo Baby Seats sold in the United States and Canada after scores of injuries were reported, including skull fractures, the company and U.S. and Canadian authorities said on Wednesday.

If you are in the US you should stop using the product until they install a free repair kit, which includes a restraint belt and a new warning sticker, and never use the Bumbo seat on an elevated surface.

The firm said: “We are introducing this safety enhancement in the US and Canada now.

“We look forward to offering it in all countries where the Bumbo Baby Seat is sold.”

The US Consumer Product Safety Commission warned babies had fallen from the seat when it was placed on a raised surface such as a table.

It said: “Consumers should stop using them until they order and install a repair kit.

“The belt should always be used when a child is in the seat.”

New seats will be sold with the restraint.

Bumbo US contact details:

Order the free repair kit by visiting www.recall.BumboUSA.com or calling (866) 898-4999 between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. CT Monday through Thursday and between 8 a.m. and 12:30 p.m. CT on Friday. Do not return the Bumbo seat to retailers as they will not be able to provide the repair kit.

Note: In October 2007, 1 million Bumbo seats were voluntarily recalled to provide additional warnings against use on raised surfaces.

Product Details

Product NameBumbo Baby Seats
Company, brand or retail storeBumbo International Trust, of South Africa
Recall DateWed 15th Aug 2012
Product TypeToys 0 - 12 Months
HazardBabies can maneuver out of or fall from the Bumbo seat, posing a risk of serious injuries.
IncidentsCPSC and Bumbo International know of at least 50 incidents after the October 2007 voluntary recall in which babies fell from a Bumbo seat while it was being used on a raised surface. Nineteen of those incidents included reports of skull fractures. CPSC and Bumbo International are aware of an additional 34 post-recall reports of infants who fell out or maneuvered out of a Bumbo seat used on the floor or at an unknown elevation, resulting in injury. Two of these incidents involved reports of skull fractures, while others reported bumps, bruises and other minor injuries.
RemedyConsumers should immediately stop using the product until they order and install a free repair kit, which includes: a restraint belt with a warning label, installation instructions, safe use instructions and a new warning sticker. The belt should always be used when a child is placed in the seat. Even with the belt, the seat should never be used on any raised surface. Consumers should also immediately stop using Bumbo seat covers that interfere with the installation and use of the belt. A video demonstrating proper installation of the restraint belt and proper use of the Bumbo seat are available at www.BumboUSA.com
Product DescriptionThe bottom of the Bumbo seat is round and flat with a diameter of about 15 inches. It is constructed of a single piece of molded foam and comes in various colors. The seat has leg holes and the seat back wraps completely around the child. On the front of the seat in raised lettering is the word "Bumbo" with the image of an elephant on top.
How to identify this productThe bottom of the seat has the following words: "Manufactured by Bumbo South Africa Material: Polyurethane World Patent No. PCT: ZA/1999/00030." The back of the seat has several warnings and seats manufactured since 2008 have an additional label on the front of the seat warning against use on raised surfaces.
Contact Telephone(866) 898-4999
Contact Websitehttp://www.BumboUSA.com
Recall TypeRecall
Recall AuthorityCPSC Recall
Recall CountryUnited States of America
Units4 million in US

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