Care commission considers opening schools until 8pm

Prime Minister David Cameron is set to launch a new childcare commission which will examine how to bring down the costs involved and increase the supply of places available.

Care commission considers schools open until 8pm

by Louise-Anne Geddes, Mindful Mum, 19th June 2012

The new commission will be led by education minister Sarah Teather and work and pensions minister Maria Miller who will look at various ways of driving down costs. According to a recent survey by the Daycare Trust, childcare is now one of the highest cost of living expenses for families, with the average annual cost of part-time care for an under-two exceeding £5,000, and often reaching up to three times this level in London.


David Cameron said: “Working parents want to know that after school or in the holidays their children will be looked after in a safe, happy environment that is affordable. We want to do all we can to reduce the cost of childcare for parents, and make sure they can find and afford high quality nurseries, after-school clubs and holiday schemes for their children.”

According to Sky News, one of the avenues being explored as another option for childcare is keeping schools open until 8pm to help working parents cope with childcare costs.


Sarah Teather said on ITV Daybreak that parents ‘want to make sure it is affordable but they also want to know, if they leave their child in a nursery or with a child minder, that they are going to be safe and are going to learn and develop and that somebody is going to be watching to make sure that they develop well’.

‘We are doing a great deal at the moment to try and make child care more affordable so by 2014 two out of five families will get 15 hours at a nursery, beginning with the poorest of those families, particularly those who are earning the least and working hard’.

Source:  Press Association, PM to launch childcare commission, 19th June 2012

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