Children confused over their five a day

A new survey by Dolmio has found that around 1 in 6 children think a blueberry muffin counts towards their five a day fruit and vegetable quota.

Eating five a day

by Louise-Anne Geddes, Mindful Mum, 30th April 2012

The survey was commissioned to mark the launch of Dolmio’s ‘Papa’s Big Tomato Challenge’, where children are being encouraged to register for their own tomato seeds to grow.  Jam, cereal, milk and water were also listed by children as counting as fruit and vegetables.

Confusion over quota

The poll gathered data from 534 families, and found that while children generally have good knowledge of what constitutes a healthy diet, there still exists confusion over what is part of their five a day.  While 95% of the children were aware that eating five portions of fruit and veg is important, 16% thought that jam counted as a portion and 16% considered a blueberry muffin to be fruit.  12% listed cereal, 12% listed milk and 6% listed water as fruit and veg.

Children’s understanding

Nutritionist Juliette Kellow said: “Parents have busy lives but something as simple as preparing healthy meals together or even growing tomatoes on the kitchen windowsill will make a huge difference to their children’s understanding of the origins of natural foods.”

Source:  Press Association – Yahoo hosted news, Confusion over five a day quota, Sunday 29th April

Photography: Rudy Kleysteuber @Flickr 

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