Children read less with busy lives

New research released today by the National Literacy Trust has revealed that children are reading less as their lives become ‘more crowded’ with other activities.

by Louise-Anne Geddes, Mindful Mum, 7th September 2012

Funded by law firm Slaughter and May, the study ‘Children’s Reading Today’ found that only three in 10 children read outside the classroom.  21,000 children were involved in the survey, which saw a decline from four in 10 children reading in their own time in 2005.  The study also found that girls were keener readers than their male peers.

Other activities

While it was found that 50% of children claimed to enjoy reading, 22% rarely or never read in their own time and 54% preferred watching television.  17% claimed they would feel embarrassed if their friends saw them reading.  The National Literacy Trust say it is ‘essential’ that children read, as research has demonstrated a ‘clear link’ between achievement and personal reading.  UK children are ranked 25th out of 65 developed countries for reading.

Make reading ‘irresistible’

Jonathan Douglas, Director of the National Literacy Trust says:

“We believe we need to inspire a new generation to read in the same way that the Olympics is inspiring a new generation to take part in sport. We need to make reading irresistible. We want to call on families and professionals working with children and young people to make ten minutes in their day for reading”.

The full report can be accessed below.

Source:  The National Literacy Trust, Children’s Reading Today, 7th September 2012
Photo: kbowenwriter @ Flickr

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  1. I find this so concerning. I was read to from a very early age, and this encouraged me to read on my own. I think this is something which needs to be tackled, and quickly.

  2. I agree, its concerning but also sad, reading expands children’s worlds, giving them ideas of things to do and places to visit when they grow up. Without stories we are mere machines.

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