Dad sues Apple over loss of precious memories

A lawyer from British Colombia in Canada is suing tech giants, Apple, after his hard drive crashed taking with it a year of memories.

Dad sues Apple over loss of precious memories

Perminder Tung claims the Apple Time Capsule hard drive was bought in 2009 and had been used to back up two MacBooks and an iPhone. Included in his backups, the Time Capsule had many photos from the year, including images of the birth of his first child.

After the gadget failed last month, Tung took it to the Apple store where he was told the data was lost and irretrievable. Tung was told the Apple product had numerous defect issues relating to design and power supply and Apple had issued a recall notice for the product but Tung’s particular model was outwith the time frame in the recall.

In his claim at the British Colombia small claims court, the lawyer is suing Apple for $25,000 to replace the hardware and to compensate him for the loss of recorded memories.

Tung said, “The defect with the Time Capsules, which invariably destroyed the stored data, amounts to a fundamental and total breach of contract. The alleged ‘Time Capsule’ did not encapsulate and protect the information it was intended to secure. The breach destroyed the workable character of the thing sold.”

Source: CBC News
Photography: Ivan Welsh @Flickr

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